Spirit of Adventure

If you have had a Ruach Reading you may be interested in learning more about how you can start to get to know God.  There is nothing more exciting and more life changing than having a revelation that you are personally known by God, and that he not only loves you, but that he is also interested in all the things that are of interest to you, and that he actively wants to be involved in your day to day life and your future.


Starting this journey with God can happen at any time in your life, from a child, to in my case in my 30’s, or even in the later years of our lives. When we realise that God is good and that he has a plan for our life, we start this Adventure, with God walking with us every step of the way. It is like going on a treasure hunt, we have a map, we know the final destination, but how we get there and what we end up doing, if we surrender to God, can be a roller coaster ride of surprises. Not always easy, not always plain sailing, but God promises to be with us in ALL circumstances and to help us.

None of us want to be conned, to believe something that isn’t true, so if you are sceptical, then this prayer might be for you. It is a prayer that I know that God always answers as long as when you pray it, you mean it.


“God if you are there and you know me, please find a way to reveal yourself to me, and let me know that you are real. In Jesus name, Amen.”


I can’t tell you how God will answer this prayer or when, but I know that he will, because he REALLY wants a relationship with you and he loves you just as you are – unconditionally.

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