Machaira Meditations

Help to Unlock the Supernatural Power of Heaven to release TRUTH and FREEDOM

The Machaira Cards

As Ruach Card readings are only available through trained accredited readers, these spiritual Machaira meditation cards were developed for personal use; to encourage, inspire, give hope and to help bring about changes in our thinking patterns, which then affect our attitudes and behaviour. They were initially developed in 2011, but have only been made publicly available for the first time in August 2020.

Machaira was a Roman short sword, with two sharp edges allowing it to be used quickly and accurately. In sacred texts (Hebrews 4:12) says “For the word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword (machaira), cutting between soul and spirit.” Isaiah 55:10-12 says ”So also will be the word that I speak – it will not fail to do what I plan for it; it will do everything I send it to do.” God is saying that his word is like a sword, a spiritual weapon, penetrating the heart, the mind & spirit, working supernaturally to bring about positive changes.

Elements of the Cards

Scientists have shown that new habits can often be formed in as little as 30 days, but consistency and determination are key.

The cards have four separate elements:
1. The name which reminds us of the purpose of the cards and what we are looking to achieve.
2. The picture which connects with the visual and emotional processes in our brain.
3. The meditation seeks through personalisation, repetition and contemplation to rewire our neural pathways, replacing negative thinking with positive spiritual truths.
4. Our heavenly inheritance seeks to remind us of the fullness of life that is available.

Think of the Machaira meditation cards as tools to help us encounter the supernatural and loving power of God through his word, and spiritual weapons releasing the Spirit of Truth to bring freedom, so that you can experience life in all its fullness.

2000 yr old Sacred Text

Why Meditation ?

The meditation is key. A single visit to the gym wouldn’t change our fitness levels, we have to visit regularly and put effort in. To change unhelpful thinking patterns requires the same process and determination, but with much greater potential for positive change, affecting many more areas of our lives..

Our thinking patterns dictate most decisions we make, what we choose to do or not, say or not, in fact most if not all of our choices are determined by how we think. However, thought suppression does not work, we need to put something else in its place. So making a small positive change in this area, can have enormous impact in our lives. As with the exercise, we do not see changes immediately, it is usually a gradual change and often it is noticed by others who know us well, before we recognise change ourselves.

So let’s be kind to ourselves, let’s not put pressure on ourselves to change overnight, relax and enjoy the cards. Use them at the pace and in a way that works for you. We are all individuals, wonderfully and fearfully made and totally unique.

These meditation cards can help to rewire your neural pathways (the well worn thinking patterns in your brain). A well worn path in a forest has been formed over many years and because the path is worn and easy to see, it is used even more. To make a new path in the woods, would take some effort. We might have to overcome obstacles, bracken, brambles or tree roots. Initially, it would probably feel strange, uncomfortable. It would be very tempting to go back to the existing path we have always used, rather than forge a new way.

However, this new path can yield so much, by opening up new vistas and allowing us to see things from a new perspective. However, this path will not be formed by walking on it once, so let’s not give up and get frustrated. It requires revisiting this path and walking on it again and again, until it starts to become a more recognised path and one we choose automatically.

How to use the cards

Pick a picture that you feel drawn to, look at the picture before you read the meditation, how does it make you feel, happy, sad, thoughtful etc. Does it bring back any particular memories. Look at the picture carefully, what, if any, details draws your attention.

Click on the picture to see the meditation on the reverse.

A helpful way is pause to say it and reflect upon the meditation when you have natural breaks in the rhythm of your day, ie driving, using the lift/stairs, making drinks, returning from taking the children to school, preparing a meal etc.

It is helpful to try and learn the meditation, they are usually short, just one or two sentences. It is like putting a deposit in the ‘bank of good thoughts’ which can then be redeemed when they are most needed.

These meditations are naturally supernatural, so what does that mean?

They have the potential to change our thinking in a positive way. If you have ever watched cows in a field, when they ‘chew the cud’, they eat the grass and regurgitate it and chew it again and again to get every bit of goodness out of it, to break down the structure of the grass to make it edible and digestible. (Cattle are ruminants, which is where we get the word ruminate from, which means contemplation or reflection.)

That’s how we need to approach these meditations, we want to get all the goodness and truth out of them and we need to get it into the deepest parts of us, where it can make a difference.

How we do that is by repeating it, contemplating and reflecting what it means for us, what do the words actually mean, how would it affect us, if we really believed it.

Don’t rush these thoughts.

Ask the Spirit of Truth to guide you in your meditation.

Using themes

There are different themes, so find the one that most speaks to the need you have in your life at this moment. Each theme has a number of different meditation cards. So you can use a new one each day, and then at the weekend focus on the one that you are most drawn to again or the one that you find most difficult.

You might work with the same Machaira meditation card all day, or for a week or a month or longer, until you feel it has become an integral part of your spiritual DNA.

You might work with a number of cards simultaneously, choosing different ones for breaks in the day, ie on waking, breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime.

It is finding what works for you.

Feel free to download the card you are working with, by right clicking on it in smartphones, tablets or computers and saving to your photos.

These Machaira Meditations are my free gift to you. My prayer is that you will be encouraged as you use the Machaira cards and that you will encounter in unexpected ways, this amazing and awesome Creator God who loves you so deeply, and this will bring about positive transformation in your lives.
Katrina Moss, Creator

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