Thousands of years ago, many cultures round the globe understood universal symbols and their meanings. In different cultures interpretation varied, but their purpose was always to convey ideas and concepts and often had a spiritual dimension.  These images have become woven into the fabric of our societies by artists and writers over the centuries and have become part of our stories, myths and legends.

More recently, the Celtic nations were very in touch with nature and creation and how examples from nature spoke into their lives. They had prayers for every activity in daily life, from feeding cattle to making bread.  They were in tune with the seasons of life and how these seasons spoke into the rhythms of their own lives.

In our post-modern, material society, we have lost the ability to recognise how these ancient symbols, together with nature, can speak truth, wisdom and insight into our lives. Ruach is an ancient word meaning Wind of the Spirit or Breath of God.

A small selection of the 84 cards

I have developed these 84 Ruach Cards using the breath of God to guide me. They incorporate ancient symbols, including biblical imagery, dream interpretations and many of the different ways that God has spoken to me through nature and life over the last 20 years.  I  have found encouragement and insight from many sources – books, art, the internet and most importantly through many people who have come into my life, some friends for years, others who have had a fleeting but significant impact.


I sincerely hope that you too will find
encouragement and inspiration from the
Ruach Blessing Cards.

Katrina Moss
Creator of the Ruach Cards

All the pictures on the Ruach website are images from the Ruach Cards.