Sometimes just a walk in a beautiful place, will help me to get a sense of perspective in my life, or just remind how amazing is the world around us that God created.

Here are some thought provoking videos:

The Blessing
 – Song used by many churches during the Coronavirus pandenmic.

So will IWonderful song with amazing words and images from nature.

Selection of Music/Prayer/Meditation videos – created by Ruach Cards Creator.

Never Give Up – very moving video

Coffee with Jesus – video – funny or thought-provoking – you decide!

Lighthouse everything – Amazing 5 min drama, watched by over 11 million people, don’t be put off by the beginning, stick with it!

WEBSITES & APPS worth a look

GodTube – a wealth of music videos, teaching, comedy. – Wonderful resource to help you
to pray and find the way that is right for you.

Lectio365 – FREE app that helps you to focus daily on prayer and developing relationship with God.