Continuing the journey

"island of treasures" backgroundAlternatively, some of you may have already started this journey, and are just taking the first few tentative steps. Let me encourage you to continue talking to God, not in holy language, but talk to him as a friend. You might consider visiting your local church, to meet others who are further on in their journey, and can encourage you in yours, and sometimes help us from taking unnecessary detours!

Often there will be various churches in your area, churches have their own personalities, try them all, see which one feels like home, where you are made welcome. If you need help finding a church, email me and let me know where you live and I will be able to suggest a couple of churches you might like to try.   If you know that God is ‘on your case’ trying to let you know he is there, and you are not sure what to do, can I suggest this little prayer next:

stob dearg“God, I haven’t always made the best job of doing my life ‘my way’. The bible says that you gave your son Jesus, so that I could come before you completely forgiven for all the wrong things I have ever said and done. I want to give my life to you, to have a fresh start, to go on this adventure with you, to let you be my guide, my friend, the one in charge. Help me to learn how to recognise your love and care for me and how I can eventually learn how to show that love and care to others.   In Jesus name, Amen. “

I was thrilled recently when a young lady who had had a Ruach Insight reading, told me how God has answered the prayer on the previous page for her.


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